Arstron Ltd. is committed to the security and confidentiality of your personal data that we process.

This Cookie Policy (hereafter, “Policy”) accepted by Arstron is applied to the User’s cookies that the Company may get via the website (hereafter, “Website”), from any device, and during communication with the Company in any form. This Policy defines the order and conditions of processing cookies gathered using this Website.

1. To enhance the work of the Website, to make the Visitor’s use of the Website more convenient and efficient, to provide solutions and services that meet the Visitor’s needs, to find out the Visitor’s preferences, to display ads (behavioral advertising), and in order for the Website to function properly, the Company needs to save and accumulate information on how the Visitor uses the Website. For this purpose, small text files called cookies are used. Cookies contain small amounts of information and are loaded to the Visitor’s computer or other devices from the Company’s Website server. For more information about cookies and how they work, please visit (please note that the Company is not associated with this third-party resource and is not responsible for its content).

2. When the Visitor visits the Website, the Company uses several programs (systems) that may install cookies, tags, pixels and similar tracking technologies (collectively referred to as “cookies”) on the Visitor’s device, in the browser or on the Web page the Visitor is browsing, in order to personalize the Visitor’s settings (e.g. language preferences) and to understand how the Visitor uses the Website and how to improve and protect the Website.

3. The Website uses various types of cookies for different purposes, i.e.:

3.1. Essential cookies: these cookies are necessary for the Visitor to use the Website and move around it. Without such cookies it is impossible to use the basic functions of the Website.

3.2. Operational cookies: these cookies gather information on how the Visitor uses the Website. The collected information includes, for instance, the browsers and operating systems used, previously visited website domain name, number of sessions, average session duration and pages browsed. Such cookies do not collect information that identifies the Visitor personally, or aggregated data (data collected and presented in generalized form for statistical analysis purposes and not qualified as personal data according to the applicable law). Operational cookies are used to make the Website more convenient and to increase the Visitor’s satisfaction.

3.3. Functional cookies: these cookies allow the Website to remember options selected by the Visitor (e.g. usermane or ID, language preferences, geographic location etc.) and offer enhanced, more personalized functions of the Website. These cookies may also be used to remember the changes made by the Visitor to the web page settings (text size, fonts and other customizable elements). The information collected by such cookies may be depersonalized; such cookies are not able to track the Visitor’s activities at any other websites.

4. By using the Website the Visitor consents to the Company’s use of operational and redirecting cookies from third-party services, e.g. metrics programs (systems) such as Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar etc. to collect information about the Visitor’s actions online. Such information is used to display ads considering the Visitor’s interests (behavioral advertising), and to collect data that allows tracking the efficiency of ads and the number of users, and managing the advertising. This means that the Company may display ads considering previous visits to the Website via editor networks, such as Google Display Network (GDN). For more information on this type of cookies, you can visit third-party resources ( The Website Visitor can also get more information about certain types of ads (behavioral advertising) and how to disable them at Digital Advertising Alliance-US, Network Advertising Initiative, Digital Advertising Alliance-Canada, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance,,, or in the Visitor’s settings for the mobile device. The Visitor may also change the ad settings or disable ads in Google Display Network at

5. If the Visitor disagrees with any of the above-described ways of using cookies, it is possible to adjust the browser settings, or not to use the Website. If the Visitor chooses to disable the cookies via the browser settings, it will still be possible to use the Website, although the access to certain functions or Web pages may be limited. Since the ways to disable cookies may differ depending on the browser, more information can be found in the respective browser help menu.

5.1. The information on how to alter the cookie settings in Google Chrome is available at

5.2. For information on how to alter the cookie settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer, please see

5.3. For information on how to alter the cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox, please visit

5.4. For information on how to alter the cookie settings in Apple Safari, please see

5.5. Information about other browsers and device types is available at (please note that the Company is not associated with this third-party website or the resources mentioned in Sections 5.1 – 5.4 of this Policy and therefore is not responsible for their content).

6. The Visitor should take into account that the Website does not currently process the browser signals “Do not track”.

7. For any questions to the Company on using cookies, please email us at

8. The social network/internet resource access buttons on the Website pages are used to visit the Website via such social networks/resources. These buttons are links to the web pages of third-party social networks that may track your activities. To understand how such websites use personal or other data of their visitors and how to protect your personal or other data, it is recommended to study the terms of use and confidentiality policy at such websites. The Company is not responsible for any third-party rules or data processing and confidentiality policy.

9. The Company may use the advertising services of the social networks Vkontakte (, OOO “Vkontakte”, 12-14A Khersonskaya St., Office 1-H, Saint-Petersburg, 191024, Russia), Facebook (, Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025) and Instagram (, Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025) for metrics and ad targeting services based on the Visitor’s actions/preferences. The above-listed social networks may use cookies, web beacons or any other data collection technologies to collect or extract information from the Website or any other internet resources, and use this information for the above-mentioned purposes. The Visitor may block the collection and usage of information for ad targeting by disabling the savings of cookies in the browser settings. The Visitor may also assess the choice mechanisms at or (please note that the Company is not associated with these third-party websites and not responsible for their content).

10. The Company, at its own choice, may modify or update this Policy from time to time. The Company recommends the Visitors to reread this policy from time to time to keep up with the ways of using cookies. 11. If any changes to the current version of the policy are made, the date of the last update will be specified. The new version of the Policy shall be in effect from the date of publication on the Website, unless otherwise specified in the new version of the Policy. By continuing to use the Website, the Visitor consents to the changes and updates in the Policy.